Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all

I just love this time of year, don't you? Fall is definitely in the air! It has been unseasonably cool here in Texas, but after the summer we had, I'm not complaining.
Stuart has been busy picking his pumpkins and gourds. The picture above is a sampling of what he grew this year. Aren't they pretty? I really like all of the different colors, especially the peach colored pumpkin.
We've been decorating inside the house for Halloween (my second favorite holiday, Christmas is my favorite!). I think this afternoon we will decorate outside, since the weather is so nice.

I would like to introduce you to the newest members of our family.

Meet Coco, Bella and Sandy (the sheep in the background is Juliet). They are Dwarf Nigerian goats. We have had them for about a month. At first they were a little skiddish, but the are settling in quite nicely now. Even though Juliet is about twice as big as they are, they all get along very well.

I just wanted to remind everyone about this weeks Pink Friday over at Make Mine Pink. This week's theme is "Treasures for the Bed and Bath". Be sure to check it out!

Happy Fall Y'all,


lisa said...

I just love goats and sheep, they are so cute!

Oh my goodness Shannon, that peach pumpkin is gorgeous and huge. Great job Stuart.

Hope your having a great day.

Kath' said...

I enjoyed meeting the new goats. I love the names too. I will come back later ad let Hanna listen to your music, she will get a kick out of it. It was nice to see you on my blog contest, spread the word more things getting listed. I hope you have a wonderful week there in Texas. I didnt even realize that where you live after all this time. I should of known that. Kath'

Kath' said...

Oh I forgot to say what wonderful pumpkins your DH grew. Wish we had a spot to do that. Kath'

Miss Magpie said...

Hi, girl, glad to meet your new family members, how sweet! We've never had goats, but we have had a cow and pony. Ginger

Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Shan!

What a treat to visit you. Your goats and sheep are adorable. My daughter has a fake sheep she sleeps with every night and she will probably kill me for She calls it sheepy. The names you picked are so cute too. Juliet needs a Romeo
And I am with you about loving this time of the year. The fall is my favorite. I am also decorating for Halloween. My kids can't wait to go trick or treating. I love it ,but can do without all that candy. :-0 :-D Now wonder dentists love this time of the
Have a great week Shan!
Janet's Creative Pillows

gail said...

Hi Shannon,, I love the music!!! :) I love that peach pumpkin too! I have never seen one that color before. I am a huge animal fan and I think Coco, Bella and Sandy are adorable!! I am glad they are fitting in and love their new home.
Take care, have fun decorating! (()) gail

Carolee Crafts said...

Hello to Coco, Bella and Sandy, they are so sweet. Love the gourds and hope you are going to take pic's of your Halloween deco's. Not much is done in the way of halloween in the UK, which is s shame, so I have to admire from afar, have a good week

Anonymous said...

One day, God willing, I will have me a pair of goats. My gosh I love these critters as much as mym dogs and cats. Truly giddy over them. It's my favorite part of any petting zoo. Love their personalities. Love your blog and thanks for having me. Tammy

twinkleshabbystar said...

EEEK! Your goats are so cute!! Tee! hee! Yes..Im ready for fall! Your fall vignette has inspired me to want to decorate as well. Happy Fall Miss Shannon! :) XO,Jenn

Mary Patterson said...

Love, Love the pumpkins, especially the peach one. WOW, and to think that your DH actually grew those! The goats look very sweet and I'm glad they are adjusting well. How neat that you live where you can have animals like that.
Maary P
Mary's Cottage Treasures

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

What wonderful punkin's !!! and oh how I wish we could have goats and sheep ... and hens too ... sigh.